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Needless to say, I don’t hear from meteorologists, or climate scientists, or geoengineers very often. Let’s face it… my work flies in the face of everything they’ve been taught to believe, and everything their reality is based on. Unsurprisingly, they aren’t lining up to have their belief systems turned upside down while risking their careers and expulsion from the “meteorological” community. To be fair of course, these people are hardly alone in the crippling psychological and wage slavery that is keeping them from perusing any actually truth on this planet. After all, that’s what this society operates on and what keeps the grand illusion (on all levels) tacitly intact.

It’s unfortunate that I don’t hear from more of them however, because I’m talking about facts. The daily operations of the global geoengineering grid and the reasons it exists are as clear to me as the workings of a combustion engine, and I can and do prove that reality every single day. No one serious is going to argue with that fact.

This video is case in point. As my regular viewers already know, I have explained and illustrated the exact reasons for the drought in California, the reasons why the geoengineering efforts to make it rain were failing, and how to resolve the problem. All of those realities, are illustrated in this video.

Although I rarely hear from them, I have little doubt that plenty of meteorologists, climate scientists, and geoengineers follow this work. All of them should be… whether they say anything or not. As my viewers will attest, it you want to understand the reality of weather on this planet – here is all there is. In fact that is why this channel exists. In my extensive research into geoengineering and climate change, I could find exactly no one who was telling the truth. Thus, I had to create it myself. Fortunately for all of us, I’m specifically designed for just such a thing.

My point is, this example makes it clear that we could all benefit if more of them – would actually communicate with me. Whether they implemented this method as a result of seeing my work, or whether they came to the same conclusion on their own, the fact remains that if they asked me, I had an answer. You’d be surprised how many answers I have… about a great many things.

So, once again I extend the offer to any meteorologists, climate scientists, geoengineers, etc., who even think a conversation might be a little bit interesting. Know that you wouldn’t be first, and as I said in the video – any team member or contact would tell you, confidentiality is always protected around here. No one genuine, has any reason to be leery.


“After three years of relentlessly bad news about California’s historic drought, the drenching storm that barreled in Thursday from Hawaii finally delivered the state some desperately needed good news.

One storm does not end a drought as severe as this one, meteorologists and water managers emphasized again Thursday. But this storm and last week’s milder one have done something very important: They have saturated the parched ground across Northern California so much that rainfall is finally starting to fill up the state’s dangerously low reservoirs as it runs down streams, rivers and hillsides.

And just like last week, the wet weather Thursday is expected to be followed by a couple of dry weekend days, reducing the risk of major flooding. The next system isn’t expected to arrive until Monday.

For California water scientists, that’s the “perfect storm” — just enough to deliver billions of gallons of runoff to bank in reservoirs, but not enough rain to trigger life-threatening mudslides and floods.

The state’s two largest reservoirs, Shasta Lake near Redding, and Lake Oroville in Butte County, are projected to take in 510,000 acre-feet of water in storm runoff by Tuesday, with 370,000 going to Shasta and 140,000 flowing into Oroville, according to the state Department of Water Resources.

That’s a staggering amount of water — 166 billion gallons from a single storm, enough water for 2.5 million Californians for a year. It would fill half a million football fields one-foot deep — all captured by the reservoirs that form the linchpin of the federal and state water systems that serve millions of California residents from San Jose to San Diego and irrigate vast expanses of Central Valley farmland.

Now, with a near-perfect start to the 2014-15 rainy season, the state needs to repeat the pattern over and over again until March or April, scientists said Thursday.”

Smart money says repeating the pattern is exactly what we’ll see…



Geoengineering: California Drought 101

Published on Dec 15, 2014

As has become something of a pattern lately, I hadn’t planned on spending the weekend working on this video. However, a considerable amount of incorrect information is being propagated and accepted about the reasons for the California drought conditions, and it does none of us any good who are actually concerned about this crisis to allow that to continue. If this topic is going to get any public attention or if any ‘activist’ action is going to be taken, it has to be based on accurate information if it is to be of any benefit at all.

California (in the order of ‘weather’ moving West to East across the country), is the first state in the cycle. In a world of manufactured weather, that puts California in a unique and difficult position. California is the first state to contribute to every manufactured weather system, and if you look closely at the Western border of California during the July GOES West and CONSUS satellite series included in this video, you will see massive WV Gen burst up from that line consistently. That is predominately generated from the geothermal plants lining the border that are also illustrated in this video.

However, if you look closely, you will also notice that there is virtually no WV Gen at all produced from California East of its border. Although California has considerably less WV Gen capacity than other states (which I will get to in a moment), it is not devoid of them… which the lack of generation would seem to indicate.

This is the result of two factors, the first of which is rather ironic. The fact that California has only 3 coal power plants (the most convenient and abundant fuel source for WV Gen) and the fact that it has fewer and smaller WSAC installations than other states gives it less capacity to produce WV Gen. This seems to be a result of California’s focus on environmentalism. I’ve seen numerous videos of old coal power plants being decommissioned and imploded as a result of environmentalism, which clearly impacts the states geoengineering ability to generate WV.

However, any type of power plant (including solar – which is evident in CA as well) can have WSAC facilities added to them to produce WV, yet I have found numerous stations without them, or with just one small blower unit. I suspect this is because Californian’s are more ‘sensitive’ to and adamantly opposed to huge towers billowing ‘smoke’ into the air, for which I course congratulate them. As a result, this significantly diminishes California’s mainland ability to produce WV Gen for manufactured rain.

The second problem is that California simply doesn’t have the water to fuel the WV Gen systems anyway. Even where I did find WSAC facilities, I also found completely empty tanks and reclamation ponds… meaning they are of no use anyway. As I said earlier and as I illustrate in this video, since the State of California is first in the cycle, there isn’t any WV gen coming to the state from other states, to replenish the WV it produces, as is (somewhat) the case in the mid and Eastern states. Hence, over decades of geoengineering, California and the Western states are using up much more water than they ever get back, and thus have all but depleted their ground water supply.

As disturbing as it sounds (particularly coming from me), I consider these somewhat resolvable engineering problems. Mind you, at the moment I am strictly speaking from the “how to get rain to California” perspective. Considering we don’t have a time machine large enough to stick the Earth in, returning California and the Pacific Ocean to “naturally” operating conditions isn’t a near-future option. We are quite a long way from resolving, addressing, or even acknowledging the 100 years of wrong thinking and action that brought us to this disastrous place to begin with.

However, it can’t be resolved in secrecy, it can’t be resolved under the guise of a network of misinformation, and it can’t be resolved without the people of California knowing and understanding the reality of the situation, and contributing to, and approving of the solutions. If the people of California (or Shasta County) are going overcome this dire situation, they are going to need very real and accurate information… which is something they don’t have any of at the moment.

As is conveniently, coincidentally, and constantly the case whenever the ‘geoengineering leaders’ produce a video, have some kind of conference, or launch some kind of ‘protest,’ I receive it from a dozen different sources, virtually simultaneously. Quite obviously, the ‘network’ of communication and propagation of whatever they want to propagate works quite well, and because of such efficient propagation and exposure, it is not only accepted as accurate, it is accepted as the only information on the topic. Quite obviously, nothing could be any farther from the truth.

For instance, Dane Wigington telling the Shasta board that “chemtrails are keeping heat down in the Pacific Ocean but interfering with the hydrological cycle” not only doesn’t help them, it damages their ability to accomplish anything or make any actual progress. What does Dane propose would happen if all chemtrailing in California stopped? Does he think the natural precipitation process would just miraculously start back up again – in spite of all the reasons that stopped it in the first place? The only thing that would happen to California is that it would become smoldering desert exponentially faster than it already is.

As disturbing as is sounds (and is) stopping all chemtrailing not only isn’t as solution, it isn’t even an option. As it turns out, that’s the result of a species not paying attention to the geoengineers or the problems they were trying to cover up for a hundred years… if you want to understand that reality, I’ve already covered it in my 40 page eBook. Geoengineering has been operational and dominate reality for the last half a century at least, so just turning it all off – means turning off the weather period.

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

If Dane and the rest of the so-called ‘geoengineering leaders’ don’t know this, they certainly need to. Moreover, if they don’t know this – they shouldn’t be ‘leading’ at all. Circulating meaningless tidbits of misinformation that have no bearing, relevance, or offer any kind of realistic perspective or solutions to the calamity we are all in, isn’t helping “the cause” on bit. Intentionally or otherwise, it is doing continuous damage to it and to the credibility of those who are genuinely in this fight for the good of the planet.

So, I’m done being ignored. I’ve given the self-appointed (and quite obviously because of exposure alone) “geoengineering leaders” every conceivable opportunity to recognize this work and this reality, and have received nothing but silence in return. Last week, as a final effort, I openly sent a tweet to all of them - which included the link to all 100+ of my detailed videos. I suppose we are to accept that not one them, nor anyone who works for them, nor any of their followers saw the tweet or thought any of the information was of any value whatsoever, because I didn’t receive so much as a courtesy response from a single one of them. Not Dane, not Scott, not Michael, and not from anyone at Skyder. Not that this is anything new of course. I’ve sent them all dozens of emails and videos over the years, and haven’t gotten any more response or recognition from them than I did last week. I’ll leave it to them to explain why they can’t seem to see this work or this reality.

However, quite obviously this charade can only exist as long as I allow it… and that ship has sailed. The Emperor has no clothes. If the ‘geoengineering leaders’ refuse to recognize this work and the reality it represents, and refuse to inform their followers and the officials they are in contact with about it, then the ‘geoengineering leaders’ should expect to be challenged on their legitimacy and the veracity of what they speak. If the people of California (or Shasta) are going to make any kind of effort to do something about geoengineering reality, they are going to need real information to do it with. Since the ‘geoengineering leaders’ have and continue to prove they have no interest in providing such information (again, I will leave it to them to explain why that is), then I most certainly will.



Geoengineering: California Geothermal

Published on Dec 15, 2014

Almost as soon as I finished this video, I realized I shouldn’t have finished it. California is running out of water at such an astonishing rate, that (as I said to my CM the other day) there just won’t be any in three months. I’ve explained in detail where that water is going and why, but the manner in which they are attempting to salvage this debacle – is a wonder to behold.

In the last several days, I’ve seen more Water Vapor fired up from the California, Arizona, Texas, Mexico area – than I’ve ever seen… which is making quite a statement. First, let me point out the obvious. How could such massive amounts of Water Vapor be suddenly (and “naturally”) appearing over areas that are experiencing their worst droughts in history?

The answer of course, is they couldn’t be. It’s nauseating redundant to say it, but there is nothing “natural” about it. However, the geoengineers are looking at the same thing I’m looking at, and if they don’t get water to fall on California (and I mean a lot of it, and in a hurry), then California is going to reach Surface of Mars status in months.

So, I already have to start on the next video illustrating what they are attempting to do about it. I’ve already laid the foundational information out, so my viewers should know what to expect. Bringing water east from the Central Rockies, Colorado, Texas, and Mexico it their only option… and it’s a hell of thing to watch. For those still unclear on just how severe this situation is, check the NASA article below.

Satellite Study Reveals Parched U.S. West Using Up Underground Water



Geoengineering: Pacific Hurricane Factory

Published on Dec 15, 2014

Needless to say, as is always the case when these events occur (or more to the point are being advertised), I get alerted by numerous team members. Such was of course the case when Iselle was scheduled to hit Hawaii.

Then I heard Julio was headed for Hawaii as well. Then someone sent the link to the NASA article, showcasing three hurricanes, in one composite satellite image in the Pacific.

NASA satellite paints a triple hurricane Pacific panorama

Then I decided, I’ve let the obvious reality of the Pacific Ocean Hurricane Factory go unexplained long enough. This example was a little too ridiculous to pass up.

I’m not sure I need to say anything else for this video. This is where Pacific Ocean Hurricanes come from… plain and simple. The video speaks for itself, and as usual – I can illustrate this reality, for any month I choose.


NNW-101-Amazon-1"NO NATURAL WEATHER" is a clearly written simple tutorial about weather modification and much more, designed for newcomers to the concept, but also full of explanations and clarifications that will add to the research of those who are already aware. Start at the beginning and let this narrative take you on a journey from soup to nuts, A to Z.

Share the series with your family and friends! There is no better time than now to educate yourself to what is and has been going on, and the thoughtful guidance provided by this seasoned researcher is the best company you could have on such an alarming journey. For yes, it is alarming to learn that our planet is being altered in ways that it may never recover from.

It is time for us all to voice our collective power, but no one can do so until the actual knowledge has been given and shared. Thank you, WeatherWar101, for your immense contribution!

Sofia Smallstorm - (Excerpt from Foreword)

My Review of WW101 Geoengineering 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Doug
Jan 02, 2015
A very simple to read and understand version of what has been going on with the unusual weather over the past 50 years.Great job WW101!
Look through your ego to the sky 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Bruce Nicholas
Dec 18, 2014
This should be required reading for every conscious breathing human. Doubters and denialists should walk outside,tilt their heads upward with eyes open and watch it happen. I did.
Excellent work in geoengeneering for several years 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By R. S.
Nov 15, 2014
WeatherWar101 done very excellent work in geoengeneering for several years. He is the highly reccomended expert at youtube. You can buy blind and never astonished.
As a fan of Weatherwar101 this ebook puts it all 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Teresa
Aug 26, 2014
As a fan of Weatherwar101 this ebook puts it all together simply and makes me wish it was written so I could show the family who do not use the internet for their information.
An excellent compendium on the subject 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Iris
Jul 07, 2014
Do you think that understanding what is happening in our sky is too complicated to understand? Then this book will prove you otherwise. WeatherWar101 explains not only what we are witnessing in basic terms, but how an altered climate snug up on us stealthily. Reading 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' gave me a new perspective on why Geoengineering is still so fiercely denied.
This is a great book in the first step to understanding the "How's" 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Theresa M. Pratt
Jul 03, 2014
WeatherWar101 has been working tirelessly in educating the public regarding our engineered weather. This is a great book in the first step to understanding the "How's" and "Why's" of Geoengineering. Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.
Five Stars 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Kay Ward
Sep 11, 2014
Excellent and informative book, everyone should read this...
Easy to understand book 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By DJ Oct 24, 2014
Well put together, easy to understand book. Should open a few eyes.
Some real TRUTH about Climate Change 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By D. W. Sep 11, 2014
WW101 has dug deep to research what is really going on with our weather today. This book should be read by everyone who desires to know the truth about "climate change".
Finally! 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Marcy Ruland June 18, 2014
I've known about this truth for years but I have struggled with why the natural systems of cloud & rain formation no longer existed. Why & how was it "broken", for how long & who was responsible? Finally, some clear answers that make sense.
Excellent Work - Could also be named Go-engineering For Dummies 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Michael June 18, 2014
I have observed, monitored and photographed geo-engineering activities for 7 years now. Myself and many like me are extremely frustrated with the persistent almost daily activities that are quite apparent in the skies across the US and much of the world. The very fact that the Federal, State and Local Governments and the Military are all complicit is maddening. We have witnessed the geo-engineering of highly destructive weather events and weather patterns. Here is one example of photographic evidence of one of my observations of a geo-engineered 40 inch Blizzard that hit Hamden CT http://youtu.be/QNoUW4wb9zU

This book is a must have for the average person who like me is aware that there is something very wrong with what we are observing and need to learn more.

I finally understand what is going on 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By boambria June 17, 2014
I can't wait for the others to come out. this is a must read for anyone trying to make sense of the weather modification process. thank you so much!
No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By D. Hudyman June 12, 2014
This is an excellent book & brilliantly written. WeatherWar101 obviously understands the issues of Geoengineering, and how it affects this planet. It is a great contribution to the truth and reality of what we face. Thank you to Sofia Smallstorm for her contribution.
Man-made-Weather by Geoengineering 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Boris N Hiesserer June 10, 2014
I highly recommend this well researched E-book, as it is of highest scientific value! Everyone interested in meteorology and especially those who call themselves professionals in this field should get a copy and some know-how of the ongoing planetary geo-engineering operations and it's strategies - such as mixing Chemtrails (aerosol cloud seeding) with Water Vapor Generation (over land and sea) and stimulate the mixture by Nexrad Frequency Control radar technologies. It's the same here in Europe and that 's exactly why WW101's E-book is so important: it helps our planetary citizenship to


GET THE FACTS!!!! MUST READ!!! 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By 1nterloper June 10, 2014
I have been a follower of your work for over a year now and I commend your continuing efforts in educating our peers about this assault on the planet. This eBook educates readers about the facts of what is going on in the skies around the world. Real science, real manipulation, real results. WW101 lays the facts out perfectly time after time and urges the reader to think critically about the reality we live in. An extremely important piece of reading material that will change our understanding of the world we know.
Great Insight into the question: What is going on in our sky? 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By C. Bowman June 10, 2014
Many of us remember the skies without the perpetual haze and the lingering streaks that dissipate into more haze. We remember those days. 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' seeks to provide some answers based on the available evidence and does a terrific job.

Geoengineering has been a weapon of war as far back as the Vietnam war.

In 1977, the former Soviet Union and the United States signed a treaty to limit the use of weather modification. The UN 'Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any other hostile use of Environmental Modification Techniques' was adopted by Resolution 31/72 of the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1976 and signed in Geneva May 18, 1977 by a total of 33 countries.

Geoengineering is a reality in our skies. Those trying to deny it's existence are experiencing cognitive dissonance or simply look ridiculous because the evidence speaks to the contrary.

Although some of the information on Geoengineering remains classified, there is abundant evidence that what this is doing to our planet may be perhaps the crime of the century. There is plenty of good information is this E-book to stir up a passionate outcry.

'No Natural Weather:Introduction to Geoengineering 101' is highly recommended.

I found this E-book through the author's YouTube channel WeatherWar101. I could heartily recommend that as well.

Tea Kettles over land masses 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Rose June 10, 2014

This e-book by WeatherWar101, 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' simplifies what one sees on radar and weather maps. The term 'Tea Kettles over land masses' demonstrate how the combined, sequential pluming effects, are occurring. The Proper Terminology used in the book helps the reader understand what they're seeing, making it easy to explain to others.

The ability for fine tuning weather systems should help to Avoid devastation, not Create it. Hurricane Season in the Northern Hemisphere is now here. Future damaging weather systems in Your Area will be Man Made. WeatherWar101 easily teaches how these storms are built in this e-book, 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101'.

Be Aware and Stay Aware. Share this with your older, more mature Children. Our Future.

Excellent Starting Point 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Henwhisperer June 4, 2014
WeatherWar101 has done an excellent job of outlining the facts surrounding geoengineering. People who are unfamiliar with how our unnatural weather is made, or those just starting to wake up to it, will find the explanations easy to understand.
A Must Read 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Donald June 2, 2014
We are all witnesses to the ongoing Geo-engineering programs that are taking place around the world. This first eBook in a series explains in simple terms how we got to this point and what you can do to help raise awareness to this ongoing crime against humanity.

I have known Sofia Smallstorm for many years and as evidenced by her inclusion in my documentary “Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering - V.1” and her foreword in my eBook “No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101,” she is a researcher I have great respect and regard for.

Some time ago Sofia wen on Red Ice Radio as well. Her understanding and ability to explain this reality (while doing it in her soothing voice that can make the most disturbing realities palatable somehow) is unequaled. If you want an excellent walk through of the basics of geoengineering and this work, I suggest you start here.

The topic of Chemtrails, like all other aspects of geoengineering, has been intermingled with so much misinformation, that it has largely been turned into a punchline. This is typical for any visible actual truth that they just can’t make people forget about. If they can’t make a topic go away, the next best thing is to distort it with massive amounts of misinformation, that people can’t discern the reality from the deliberately manufactured lunacy. Ultimately this makes the entire topic “suspect,” it gets dismissed as “tinfoil hat” fair, and the followers get dismissed as crazy “conspiracy theorists.” Quite obviously, this is all by design, and is an integral part of the methodology to keep people from ever discovering any real truth.

However, Chemtrails are a very real component of geoengineering. Ironically (but deliberately) deniers claim Chemtrails that stay in the sky (or grow) for hours, or that are visibly and instantly affected by Frequency, are simply “Water Vapor,” while at the same time claiming that hundreds of thousands of gallons a minute vaporized at any one power plant, combined with hundreds of other power plants – is an insignificant amount of Water Vapor that doesn’t affect (or effect) rainfall at all. Confusion and contradiction are tools that are used abundantly in disinformation and reality suppression.

In this video however, you will find the factual evidence and reasons for Chemtrails – all of which can verified. It is very important to separate the reality from the manufactured misdirection.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all major aspects of Geoengineering (Chemtrails, Nexrad, Water Vapor Generation, etc.), and Bioengineering, watch this full length documentary. Sofia Smallstorm is included with presentation on Chemtrails, Morgellons, and Transhumanism.

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